About Us

KwongTuck Sundries & Liquors Sdn. Bhd. is the shop famously known for its quality imported liquor, sundry goods, and canned food. The shop occupies a double-story shop house which is located on Campbell Street, one of the famous streets in Georgetown, Penang.
The founder of this business was the late Mr. Woo Fook Yin.  Mr. Woo Fook Yin started this business in the year 1836 in Guang Dong province in China.  He later moved to Malaysia and started off by selling sundries and liquors in baskets around town. As his business grew, he decided to stay in Malaysia and the business was passed on to his son Woo Kwong Sum, who started the sundry shop in Penang, bearing the name "KwongTuck".
The shop's name was derived from a combination of the first Chinese character from his great-grandfather's hometown “Kwang 廣” (GuangDong or Canton) and another Chinese character, “Tuck 德” which means 'virtue' or 'moral character'.
This shop is currently operating in its 185th year. It is now managed by Woo Saik Khow and Woo Shee Khow who are the 4th generation of the Woo family in Malaysia.  Currently the youngest KwongTuck Woo is the 7th generation, down the lineage from Mr. Woo Fook Yin. Most of the Woo-s still live in Penang.


廣德号,创办于1836 年。

种福田 高望重

第一代掌柜胡福英,在中国广东省新会县,创立廣德号, 后来第二代胡广森越洋到马来西亚发展,到槟城创立新街的廣德号。第三代传人则为胡诚恩,历经百年岁月,传到第四代的胡氏六兄弟一起打理。

廣德号是百年的金字招牌,货真价实童无欺,售卖的是唐洋杂货。唐杂货是指来自中国的货品,主要是腊味海味,罐头食品, 茶酒及干料。洋杂货则是来自西洋国家的坚果,酱料及洋酒。

1980年,胡氏兄弟将店铺注册成为有限公司,成了“廣德酒业杂货有限公司”,以方便生意运作,传统家族生意有了进一部的提升。2015 年四月一号,消費稅落实,柜台上也安置了一套新电脑,改变了老算盘作业。

如今掌柜是第四代传人胡锡球(94岁),胡树球 (90岁)其子胡国豪以及胡家子孙们(第五、六代)接力将家族生意带到现代化网络,誓把老祖宗留下的事业再创辉煌。